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Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Premiere Recap – Sometimes a Great Notion


The final season of Battlestar Galactica premiered on Friday night and it’s already creating a lot of controversy amongst fans. I was expecting some of our questions to finally be answered but surprisingly we got more answers than I think a lot of us were prepared for. Now that the Galactica has found Earth, the first episode kicks off with a ground expedition the planet and what we find is nothing less than shocking.

This episode which is entitled “Sometimes a Great Notion” is a lot darker than previous episodes, so dark in fact that even Commander Adama seems to be hitting the bottle as a way to deal with the harsh realities of the fate of mankind. The Galactica seems to become completely demoralized by the find on Earth. The Final Five start to piece together their past, however they still have no idea how they came to be on Caprica and embedded in the fleet. We also find out who the final Cylon on the Galactica was.

I guess the biggest shocker of the episode comes near the end when we find out that Starbuck is really a…well.. no one, including Starbuck really knows. In classic Galactica style, this episode answers some of our questions only to leave us with even more questions.

What are your thoughts on season 4.5 so far?

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