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Battlestar Galactica Cast: What Would You Ask?

While I’ve always been a fan of science fiction, I’ve mostly shied away from anything TV-related to the genre. Battlestar Galactica actually changed this trend for me and I’ve slowly grown into an avid fan of the show, and as a result I was more than happy to see some recent news as we wind down to the final episodes of the series. Show Tracker recently offered up some suggestions for any questions fans may have for the cast from the show. Even with the end of he series coming up, there’s still plenty left behind the curtain. The holidays are winding down and you’ve already gotten your Christmas presidents..but here’s a few stocking stuffers worth of information.

Show Tracker plans on tracking down some of the original shows creators as well as whoever happens to be available from the rest of the cast. Some of course have moved on to shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: UK, but we need our Galactica fix..and I hope Show Tracker delivers on that front. Of course if you can’t wait, there’s still the small hit webisodes available from Sci Fi’s web site. The webisodes star Grace Park and Allesandro Juliani, and much like the Heroes side of things, they’re actually well worth watching.

Other than that I guess we’ll just have to hunker down and wait for the end to come..even if it seems like an eternity away right now, I guarantee it’s closer than you think, and like any good show, I’ll probably be a bit dissapointed when it comes to an end, no matter how awesome the ending. Of course a new prequel spin off is right around the corner too, so always a silver lining..right?

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