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Battle Star Galactica: Season 2

I tend to be the type of movie watcher that watches a movie once and never touches it again. For this reason I’ve had a growing disdain for ever purchasing a dvd..ever. After all if I’m going to buy a TV show season or movie, then watch it, then let it collect dust on my impressive but expensive movie collection..what was the advantage in comparison to buying it? None, is the answer. But with that in mind, Battlestar Galactica was one of the few shows I could go back and rewatch without feeling like I was wasting my time. Season 2 was particularly enthralling.

Suspense was such a key emotion to the second season, it felt like watching 24: Jack Bauer Saves Space. The end of each episode seemed to have a strategically placed cliffhanger, and as a result I burned through the second season even though I was rewatching it in no time flat. Action may be at the forefront of the core of the show, but the political story lines and maneuvering are also part of what makes this series so great. Blending action and story can be hit or miss (ever watch Gundam Wing?) as too much political can bog down a good show and leave you wondering what the hell just happened to the last 30 minutes of my life. Instead season 2 continued to build in pressure with each passing episode right up until the last..which was a startlingly entertaining conclusion.

The formerly black and white lines between the conflict of Cylon and Humanity were cleverly blurred as well as a seemingly new faction of the Cylons emerged, one that isn’t quite so bent on genocide. Definitely one of the series stronger showings, and certainly an improvement over an already stellar (see what I did there?) season one.

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